Privacy Policy

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What Kind of Personal Data Do We Collect and Why?


When you visit our site and write a comment, we save and collect the data you entered into the comment field.

We will also save your IP address, along with the user agent string from your browser. We collect this in order to help us detect spam.

In addition, we may send an encrypted string (hash) obtained from a user’s email address to Gravatar, which will further test if the player is using the script. Users can view the Gravatar privacy policy page by clicking on this link:

Also, your comments must be approved by our staff before publication. When we approve the comment, it will become visible to the public. Your Gravatar profile picture will be shown alongside the comment.


If users upload images on, they should remove the location data such as EXIF data and GPS tags from their files. The reason for this is because any user can visit the site and save a copy of the location data by extracting it from your images.

Contact Form

If users submit questions in the contact field, will keep a record of the e-mail address you entered along with your questions. We will save the address only to be able to reply to you. We will not use the e-mail address you provided for advertising purposes.

Cookie Rules

You can choose to save your details such as e-mail address, website, and your name in cookies whenever you post comments. If you choose to save them, the cookies will last up to 1 year. If you save your details in cookies, you will not have to provide them again.

In case you register on our site and log in, the site will save a temporary cookie. This cookie will test if your browser can save cookies. No personal data will be saved in this cookie, and it will be deleted when you close your internet browser.

After users log in, our site can create a few cookies that will save the users’ login details. These cookies will be stored for 48 hours. Screen display settings will also be saved in cookies, and these will be deleted after 1 year.

If you log in and choose the “Remember Me” option, the login cookies will be stored for 14 days. In case you log out, the website will automatically remove the cookies.

In case you post or edit articles on our site, your browser will save another cookie. No personal data is held in this cookie, and the purpose of it is to save the ID of the page you edited or created. The cookie will be stored for 24 hours.

Embedded Content

Some articles on our website could contain embedded content. This content (i.e., images, videos, text, etc.) comes from other webpages. The embedded content acts just as if the user has visited the page where the content was originally posted.

Those pages could also collect users’ data, save cookies, and monitor your activities regarding the embedded content using third-party tracking. If users are members of those sites and they are logged in, the sites can track the way in which the users have interacted with the embedded content.

Personal Data Sharing Policy respects the privacy of any user who visits our website. We will not share your personal data with any other webpages or third parties.

How Long Will Your Data Stay on Our Website?

When you post a comment, it will be saved on our website forever. Its metadata will also be saved forever. We do this in order to be able to approve additional comments automatically so we can eliminate the waiting period.

If you sign-up on our page, our website will store any profile information you provide. Users can modify their personal details whenever they want. However, they will not be able to change their username. The administrators of our website can view and change these details.

Your Rights over Your Data

In case visitors posted comments, they can request to obtain a file with all the personal data we have saved about them. Users can also ask us to delete all their personal data. However, the data that we have to save due to legal, safety, or administrative reasons cannot be deleted.

Do We Send Your Personal Data to Anyone?

In some cases, we might use an automated service to check for spam in users’ comments.

More Information

Data Protection

Our website uses strong SSL encryption to protect all your information. We also utilize internal security algorithms in order to ensure the safety of your data.

Even though our team has permission to look over your personal information, we are obligated to keep it private at all costs by legal contracts.

Data Breach Procedures

If there is a data breach on our website, we will stop all activities and inform all users/visitors as soon as possible. Any user who feels threatened can make a request to our team and ask us to delete their personal data.

Third Party Data

We use WordPress Stats service, and it helps us track the statistics on our website (e.g., number of visits). We do not collect data from third parties. In addition, we do not share your information with third parties.

Profiling and Automated Decision Making utilizes user data only in order to improve marketing communications and content quality.